Donation By You

Through your contributions the Foundation will be able to purchase many needed medicines and medical supplies. The donations will also be used to sponsor poor but intelligent children, allowing them to pursue higher education.100% of your Donation will be used for philanthropy directly tied to our mission. Goyal and Bansal Families have committed to pay for all administration expenses of The Kailash Goyal Foundation. Before any distributions are made, directly or to other organizations, we will ensure that all recipients fall within the guidelines of our mission. We intend to promote education and medical wellness. We will conduct site visits and assess the effect of our aid. We will also keep records of all granted funds , grantees , corporate filings , financial statements and tax records. All organizations that we work with will be required to provide us with their annual reports , which will be kept on record. Each member of the foundation has an absolute right to inspect the records of the foundation by making appointment with the treasurer.


Society members meeting at Society’s Office.

Sh. Mahesh Garg, treasurer accepting donation


The success and extent of services provided by the society depends heavily on donations from families, friends and personal contacts in the United States and India. The Goyal & Bansal Families alongwith close friends in U.S.A. have pledged substantial donations on a long term basis. Each member of the society has an absolute right to inspect the records of the society by making appointment with the treasurer.